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"Thank you very much for today's intense and powerful session.  And the great sense of safety and trust that you and your work create, so these issues may finally be dealt with and released."

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What Can Stress Mastery Do For You?
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EFT-MD.Com is your destination for Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®) and related
meridian tapping
information and services. We use a media rich array of methods to share information about Stress Mastery to include the best YouTube video and audio links that demonstrate the power and effectiveness of this work.
EFT combined with Mindful Awareness can make a huge difference in your life by:
  • Dissolving stress and unwanted feelings that hold you prisoner--even if they have been with you for years!
  • Replacing limiting beliefs with beliefs that empower!
  • Mastering stress and supercharging confidence to conquer challenges with public speaking, driving, and other life activities! 
  • Helping with chronic physical pain!
  • Finding that special someone or supercharging your relationships by opening yourself to receive and give love!
  • Achieving your personal, financial, health, and life goals. Coaching that really works!
  • Improving sports and personal performance!
  • Helping students tap their true potential!
  • Stopping cravings dead in their tracks! Food, tobacco, or any other craving!
If you've never experienced the power of EFT / Positive EFT,  Thought Field Therapy, Mindful Awareness and similar Stress Mastery methods, these claims may seem unachievable. But they are yours for the asking. The key to your future is literally in your own hands. 

Our work is NOT based on trauma therapy or other psychological treatments. If trauma therapy is what you  need, please contact a licensed psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or other appropriate provider. 

Our work IS based on Stress Mastery. Master stress, and you become the best person possible. Life is richer, more exciting, and most importantly, much, much happier.

We use EFT, Positive EFT, Mindful Awareness, and other holistic Stress Mastery methods to help you live the life you want and deserve.      
EFT is easily learned and easily done right over the telephone, through Skype, or Google Hangout video. You can also schedule an in person appointment at our Columbia, Maryland area location and attend EFT demonstrations and workshops.
Contact Certified EFT and TFT Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach *Stephen Carter toll-free at: 1-888-849-5040 or email CarterMethod@gmail.com now to learn how EFT can help change your dreams into reality.
Free consultation. Appointments available in our Ellicott City location, by video, or by phone.
 "EFT is a powerful technique that can have a life alterting impact on your life..."
Dr. Norm Shealy, MD
Call or email today and begin living the life you want and deserve!

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 Important Notes: This EFT oriented website is provided as a public courtesy to help expand the use of Stress Mastery methods in the world. This website represents the good faith ideas of its founder but not necessarily those of  any other person, company or organization. The site is for informational purposes only. Readers must take full and complete responsibility for their own health. You are urged to consult appropriate licensed medical and psychological professionals for any and all health issues.

Also: While EFT, TFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other similar methods have produced remarkable clinical results, they must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus readers must take complete responsibility for their use. 

*Stephen offers EFT as a performance coach and ordained minister through Stress Solutions, LLC. He is not a licensed health care provider. You are encouraged to seek appropriate care from a licensed medical professional for any issues of concern.

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